Uncertainty shadows Med direction as Turkey quiet on 10 ppm relocation

Market sources are beginning to express doubts over Turkey's expected switch to ultra reduced sulfur 10 ppm diesel, as the spread in between the 10 ppm market and also the 0.1% Mediterranean has actually broadened over current weeks.

" I'm not sure what to think of the Med ... There are rumours that Turkey is withdrawing after the sulfur spread blew out," one trader claimed.

" There are absolutely more sellers, there's no main announcement. Allow's see," he proceeded.

Turkey presently supplies both 10 ppm ULSD and also 0.1% rural diesel at its filling station, but most need is focused on the greater sulfur quality.

The nation has been edging in the direction of adopting the reduced sulfur 10 ppm, with market individuals anticipating the change ahead in at the end of 2010.

" With Turkey, the Medication reacted and also [costs] went through the roof," a second investor claimed as the center distillate market replied to assumptions of the change.

" The Turks are not buying 0.1%, but I don't see 10 ppm canceling the equation. If one is disappearing, the other should be getting," he proceeded, with the dampening of early expectations playing a part in weakening Mediterranean ULSD values over current days.

Provided the uncertainty over the predicted adjustment, supposition that the statement might be pushed back to later on into 2011 has arisen.

" Gamers need time to alter. We are only 4 months away from the start of 2011, so I can see it being pressed back to Q3 next year," a Med cargo investor said. " biocides have no position that much ahead as a result of the unpredictability."

Platts information reveals that the spread between the 10 ppm and 0.1% CIF Mediterranean freight analyses has expanded greatly from simply $4.50/ mt on July 13 to hit $19.75/ mt on August 18.

Much of that step came as ULSD costs recuperated from single numbers with very early July, to climb up from $8.75/ mt over the front month ICE gasoil contract to come to a head at $28.50/ mt on August 11.

Ever since, the physical ULSD differential has weakened to be evaluated at plus $20.75/ mt on Thursday, however it stays $13.75/ mt over the 0.1% Mediterranean analysis.

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